About us | Cobra Tech

Based in South Africa and part of the Cobra Group of companies, CobraTech is both a manufacturer of industrial hose reels and a distributor of Ecodora and Piusi fluids' handling and metering products.  As official distributors for both brands, we carry a wide range of imported stock.


Although the primary colour of our hose reels is royal blue, a demand for custom-coloured hose reels emerged over the years which prompted us to manufacture a limited range of colour-coded hose reels. The demand has grown to such an extent that we now offer hose reels across the colour spectrum based on client requirements.


Our locally manufactured Cobra hose reels brand speaks to our advanced design skills, high quality standards, and stellar reputation in the market place.  Our sister company Cobra Projects, an equally reputable manufacturer of both surface and underground mining support equipment, uses our Cobra hose reels exclusively across all of their applications. 


COBRA hose reels feature a compact modular design, water resistant hose guide assembly, sealed main bearings, a power spring manufactured from scaleless blue tempered spring steel,  high duty cycle inlet swivel, and high flow main shaft assembly. The Cobra hose reels range includes industrial pneumatic, hydraulic, spring retractable, and manual reels, suitable for diesel, fuel, lubricants, high pressure grease, air, and water applications.


Our organisation is geared toward customer solutions that facilitate time and cost efficiencies, superior quality products, and service excellence.  Given our solid investment in the industry, we have a keen interest in marketing our products both within South Africa and across South African borders.

Our values manifest in our promise to you
  • Cobra Hose Reels are of superior quality and durability, and competitively priced
  • Remote technical support ensures optimal functionality of your products
  • Warranty period of 12 months, subject to fair wear and tear (misuse excluded)
  • Walk-in maintenance and repair services offered at our premises in Steeledale
  • Technical training and service manuals are available to all our customers